Trees we rate as Perfect Tens

They’re neither movie stars nor Olympic gymnasts, but we think each of our trees grown in #10 containers score pretty close to a Perfect 10.

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Jefferson Elm finds home at Fairsted

Every tree has a story, and some have more chapters than others. A handsome Jefferson Elm that graces the south lawn of Fairsted, the Frederick

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Trees turn heads at Cultivate’23

Cultivate’23, presented by AmericanHort®, showcases the best plants of North America and beyond. Held in Columbus, Ohio, it attracts exhibitors and attendees from around the


Trees on Parade

We love a parade! Last week, we paraded our trees through the nearby town of Sandy, Oregon. Our “float” in the evening parade that kicks


It’s National Pollinator Week!

What’s good for pollinators is good for people, a message that’s gaining momentum across North America and around the world. Midway through National Pollinator Week,

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Trees are good medicine

The healing power of trees and gardens will be celebrated at the Portland Memory Garden in southeast Portland on Thursday, June 22. The 11:30 a.m.