Trunk Wraps

Garden center shoppers will stop in their tracks when they spot our colorful trunk wraps that illustrate the all-season beauty of our trees. the wraps include planting instructions. Designed especially for a select group of Schmidt introductions, the bright and bold point-of-purchase aids work in tandem with our large, colorful picture tags to say, “Take me home!”

As part of our ongoing effort to provide unique, effective marketing assistance, trunk wraps are provided with containerized trees ranging in size from #5 to #15. Our current lineup:

Armstrong Gold® Maple, Redpointe® Maple, Flashfire® Maple, Crimson Sunset® Maple, Urban Sunset® Maple, Royal Raindrops® Crabapple, Sparkling Sprite® Crabapple, June Snow® Dogwood, Espresso™ Kentucky Coffee Tree, Emerald City® Tulip Tree.

Trunk Wraps Gallery