The perfect fit for under the wire!

Small Stature

Mature heights which rarely exceed 25 feet eliminate tree/wire conflicts.

Street Tough

Disease and pest resistant, drought tolerant, require minimal maintenance.


Tolerant of varied soils, urban growing conditions and climates.

Pedestrian Friendly

Compact or vase shape allows for easy passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

Trees worthy of our UtiliTrees™ designation are those best suited for planting in the restricted zone between street and sidewalk and beneath utility lines. All mature at heights unlikely to tangle with overhead lines.

Pedestrian-friendly branching is compact or vase-shaped to allow for pruning without destroying the shape of the tree. These disease and pest resistant cultivars are tolerant of varied soils, climates and urban growing conditions. Once established in the landscape, they require minimal maintenance.

Planting appropriate trees in this constricted space can help reduce the billions of dollars spent each year on tree pruning and removal. Planting these recommended species and cultivars can help to prevent storm-related power outages and damage to utility transmission lines caused by inappropriately sited trees. Our guide presents 52 trees tailored to reduce the conflict between trees and utility lines.

Click on the image left to download our PDF with all of the details on the current list of UtiliTrees™.

Landscape architects, urban foresters, utility company arborists and other tree specifiers are invited to use our TreeLocator SM service to find these trees in their region, grown to landscape size to our customers.