Stock Available Abbreviations

B & B

Balled & Burlapped Trees


Branched Trees




Grade designations refer to the head size (HD) and development of top-grafted and weeping and contorted trees. HVY SEL/ NO 1 HD/ NO 1 LT/ NO 2 HD are explained in detail in our Product Line.


High Head. A two or three year old tree on which the scaffold branching of the canopy begins at a higher point on the trunk than is typical of the variety.


Hardy Root Stock. Denotes crabapple cultivars that are budded onto extra-hardy crabapple seedling rootstocks.


Light Branched Trees. The heads on these trees are lighter than on our regular branched trees. They have fewer and/or shorter branches.

Low BR

Low Branched. Indicates trees that begin to branch close to ground level, at a lower height than the variety is customarily grown.

Low Head

A designation for Japanese maples that are not staked, or are staked at a lower height and allowed to develop their own natural form


Multi Stem Trees. are created by stubbing a single understock just above ground level, and encouraging several stems to grow. Clumps are created by combining several individual young plants and growing them as a single tree. Tie-ins are partial clumps that were tied together to make a full clump.


Own Root. Trees are grown on their own root.


Pear rootstocks with superior fireblight disease resistance. These were developed by crossing two highly resistant cultivars – Old Home x Farmingdale.


RightRoot® understocks are used for some crabapple cultivars in order to reduce or eliminate the growth of basal suckers. It produces a faster growing tree than EMLA 111 and is extremely winter hardy, RightRoot™ understocks resist collar rot and crown gall, and do not develop burr knot. Adaptable to various soils including wet sites, it provides excellent anchorage. More details at


Singles for Clumping. Indicates single-stem young plants that you can combine three of into a clump.


Transplant. These trees have been root pruned, transplanted, and grown for two seasons.


Undercut. These trees have been root pruned.


Virus Certified. Trees are propagated and grown under a strict state-administered program designed to produce the cleanest possible stock, certified for shipment outside the United States.


VL designates trees grown in #3 air-pruning containers as part of our VigorLiner® line to ensure success in handling and transplanting. RPVL are other varieties in our ViglorLiner® line that see more success by being grown in an above-ground fabrric RootPouch® container. See our VigorLiner® page for more details.


Whip. Whips are one year old trees that may or may not have branches, depending on variety. Any branches more than 2-1/2 feet above the ground are left on the tree to help increase caliper.